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28 October 2014

WWII Pilot Found Buried in Italian Corn Field

The remains of an Italian WWII pilot who died in a dogfight with U.S. pilots 70 years ago have finally been unearthed -- still sitting on the parachute in the cockpit.

Found 13 feet underground with the wreckage of his crashed plane, a Macchi C.205 Veltro, the pilot was identified as being Lieutenant Guerrino Bortolani. His plane literately disappeared in the Padua countryside in northern Italy, planting itself deep in the bank of a ditch as it crashed on March 11, 1944.

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WWI Trenches Discovered in Kent, England

A forgotten First World War trench system which was part of Britain’s home defences has been discovered. The fortifications stretched for more than 11 miles on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and protected the Thames Estuary against German invasion.

It became known as Barbed Wire Island and was a restricted area with residents given identity cards dubbed the Sheppey Passport. To leave the island locals had to get the document signed by police with checkpoints in place at the bridge and the railway station.

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27 October 2014

Over 800,000 Pages of British Mental Health Records To Go Online

The Wellcome Library has announced that it is funding the scanning of over 800,000 pages of material relating to psychiatric hospitals across the UK, including the York Retreat, Crichton Royal Hospital and the Camberwell House Asylum.

Made possible thanks to partnerships with repositories including Dumfries and Galloway Council Archives and London Metropolitan Archives, the project will see the digitisation of patient records, case notes and registers dating back to the 18th century.

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MI5 Spied on Leading British Historians for Decades, Secret Files Reveal

MI5 amassed hundreds of records on Eric Hobsbawm and Christopher Hill, two of Britain’s leading historians who were both once members of the Communist party, secret files have revealed.

The scholars were subjected to persistent surveillance for decades as MI5 and police special branch officers tapped and recorded their telephone calls, intercepted their private correspondence and monitored their contacts, the files show. Some of the surveillance gave MI5 more details about their targets’ personal lives than any threat to national security.

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WWI Soldiers' Final Resting Places Recognised in Tasmania 100 Years After Deployment

Tasmanian WWI diggers have been recognised as war veterans with the installation of new headstones honouring their service.

It is 100 years since the SS Geelong left Hobart bound for war and it is hoped that the installation of the war headstones would give families a permanent place to remember loved ones.

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History and Genealogy Treasures Online at Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland

The Guinness Archive, housed by the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, collects, preserves and makes accessible records and artifacts from the formation of the company in 1759 to the present day, including 20,000 individual personnel records of past employees.

The foundation document of the Guinness Archive is the 9,000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness on the St. James’s Gate Brewery in 1759.

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Are You Related to John Cleese?

Cleese was born on October 27, 1939 in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, the only child of Reginald Francis Cleese, an insurance salesman, and his wife Muriel Evelyn (née Cross). His family's surname was originally Cheese, but his father had thought it was embarrassing and changed it when he enlisted in the Army during World War I.

Cleese was educated at St Peter's Preparatory School, where he received a prize for English studies and did well at cricket and boxing. When he was 13, he was awarded an exhibition at Clifton College, an English public school in Bristol.

John Cleese's Family Tree

24 October 2014

The National Archive Seeks To Compile the List of Armenian Genocide Victims

A century ago the world was caught in the clutches of the First World War, and the Armenians did not stay apart. The Armenian Genocide was also the direct consequence of WWI.

The Armenian National Archive has prepared a Russian book titled "The Participation of Armenians in the First World War," which was published in Moscow. A three-volume publication titled "The Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey" has also been released.

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Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Families (Legacy Family Tree) for iPhone and iPad 2.2.0 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Support iOS 8.

FamilyInsight for Windows 2014.9.20.1 (Other Tools - Windows - Freeware)

• Ohana Software has closed its doors but wanted to make FamilyInsight available for users to download if needed. FamilyInsight is now free to download.

GEDCOM Validator (GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware)

• Bug fixes.

GedFamilies for iPhone & iPad 2.0.0 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Support iOS 8.

Genealone 1.4.0 (Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Purchase)

• New: Administrator can define branches.
• New: New branch page and branch option on the search page.
• New: Visitors can request user accounts and verify their email addresses.
• New: New profile page for registered users.
• New: Registered users can identify themselves in the pedigree.
• New: Administrator can limit editor’s right to one branch only.
• New: GEDCOM file export (just an alpha version).
• New: GEDCOM files management.

iFamily for Leopard 2.895 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Support OSX Yosemite.

My Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Freeware)

• Improved filter speed when adding relationships between existing people.
• Minor UI improvements.
• Fixed incorrect calculation of people first married over age of 40.
• Fixed minor issues with GEDCOM export.

Transcript 2.4.1 build 102 beta (Transcriptions & Indexes - Windows - Freeware)

• Updated French translation.
• Sort list of languages alphabetically in the language selection dialog.
• Fix: Menu shortcuts could not be translated.
• Fix: Balloonhint popping up on the extra window hides it below main window.
• Fix: When using the project timer and then changing the short date format in Windows caused a crash and the inability to use Transcript.
• Fix: Image highlighter size and position were incorrect after changing projects.
• Fix: When changing projects and the image file for the new project is not found the image of the previous project stays visible.

Secret WWI History of Australian Soldiers with Venereal Disease

Around 60,000 Australian soldiers ended up contracting venereal disease by the end of the First World War. Just as they were hidden away to undergo treatment at the time, their story has, up until now, remained largely untold.

The image of a soldier riddled with gonorrhoea and syphilis, hiding weeping ulcers on his genitals beneath the emblematic khaki uniform, is a far cry from the usual portrayal of the ANZAC digger.

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Melting Antarctic Snow Has Revealed the Notebook of Captain Robert Scott’s Official Expedition Photographer

Melting Antarctic snow has revealed the notebook of Captain Robert Scott’s official expedition photographer. Researchers found George Levick’s journal outside the 1911 Terra Nova base in the heart of the Antarctic following this year's annual thaw.

Despite thaws in previous years, this is the first time the notebook has been seen in more than a century. The notebook is called Wellcome Photographic Exposure Record and Diary 1910 and was discovered by New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust.

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The New Geneanet Website Has Been Released

For the last 12 months, we have been working hard to build a new, simpler and clearer Geneanet website.

Based on collaboration and sharing, the Geneanet spirit has been enhanced. Of course, we have heard suggestions and concerns from our members worldwide.​

Today, we are pleased to announce the new version of Geneanet.

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23 October 2014

British Soldiers Buried at WW1 Graveyard - 100 Years After their Death

They may have lived ordinary lives mining coal, grinding cutlery or weaving mats. But they died heroically, fighting for their country, taking the battle to German forces at the start of the First World War.

Almost 100 years to the day after the 15 soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the Yorks and Lancaster Regiment fell, they were today given the farewell they deserved. On a chilly autumn day the brave Britons were laid to rest at the Y Farm Cemetery set among the ploughed fields of Bois Grenier village, near Lille in northern France.

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22 October 2014

Sequoyah National Research Center Acquires Collection of Alaska Native Archives

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Sequoyah National Research Center (SNRC) has acquired the Jeanie Greene Collection from television journalist Jeanie Greene of Anchorage, Alaska.

Throughout her career, Greene has conducted a wide variety of research projects on Alaska Native cultures and individuals within those cultures.

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GeneaNet: Download And Print A Very Attractive Ancestry Chart For Free!

On GeneaNet, you can download (in PDF) and print a very attractive ancestry chart for free!

There are 7 themes available and you can change the content: font, date format, on a single page/on multiple pages, etc.

Offer a beautiful ancestry chart to your family and friends!

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