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22 October 2013

Google Cameras Capture A Walk Through Arlington National Cemetery

The walk through Arlington National Cemetery on a beautiful October day was being captured by Google for anyone to experience with a few keystrokes or the swipe of a smartphone screen.

Google on Sunday began its project to map the cemetery by collecting millions of photos and stitching them together to re-create the feeling of strolling the iconic burial ground of presidents and soldiers. Online users will be able to zoom in close enough to read some grave markers.

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18 October 2013

Arlington Cemetery Will Allow Small Mementos

Arlington National Cemetery is relaxing its policies to allow family members of those buried in its section for those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan to leave behind small mementos and photos to honor those soldiers, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Section 60 is the part of the cemetery that is home to most of those killed in recent fighting. Families in that section had been leaving stones, photos and other mementos at their loved ones' gravesites, even though cemetery policy strictly regulates such impromptu memorials.

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London's Coolest Gravestones

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life," memorably proclaimed Samuel Johnson. Whereupon that man -- presumably -- is buried in London. Lucky him (or her). The city has some of the best, most atmospheric, cemeteries in the world.

Luminaries from Karl Marx (Highgate Cemetery) to the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst (Brompton Cemetery) to Johnson himself (Westminster Abbey, which is really not your everyday resting place) are buried here.

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14 October 2013

Forgotten Civil War Monument Discovered In Idaho Cemetery

Early in December, Elaine Johnson was at the Rose Hill Cemetery searching for the grave of her great-great-grandfather, a veteran of the Civil War. Along the way, she found something else.

Johnson stumbled across the only known Civil War monument in eastern Idaho. The monument was installed in 1911 by local members of the Grand Army of the Republic to commemorate Civil War soldiers buried in the cemetery.

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9 October 2013

Cleanup in Arlington National Cemetery’s Section 60 Upsets Families of War Dead

Elizabeth Belle walked toward the grave of her son carrying a canvas bag full of miniature pumpkins, silk leaves and other decorations for his headstone.

Then she noticed the changes. Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, where more than 800 Iraq and Afghanistan war dead are buried, had been stripped bare. The photographs of young soldiers were gone. The balloons, too, and love letters, the sonograms and worry stones, the crosses and coins.

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26 September 2013

Canada: Identities of Unnamed Dead at Huronia Regional Centre Emerge

Maurice Middlestadt and Lena Potts arrived at the Hospital for the Feeble-Minded in Orillia within days of each other in January 1919. Nearly three years later they both died, just a month apart. Their bodies were laid in a graveyard of tombstones marked by numbers instead of names.

The fates of these two children — Maurice was 8 when he died, Lena was 15 — remain entwined by the bureaucracy that conspired to keep their names secret.

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19 September 2013

Possible 'Slave' Skeletons Found on Kenyan Coast

Kenyan authorities are investigating some 100 human skeletons, including skulls, discovered in Kijipwa village of the Kilifi County in the coastal region, an area believed to have been a holding ground for African slaves before being sent across the Indian Ocean to the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Jambo Haro, the head of archeology at the Coast National Museums of Kenya, said most of the skeletons dug from the deep trench had been salvaged and moved to National Museum in Mombasa for safe custody and study.

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16 September 2013

Tombstone’s Origin a Cold Case Mystery That’s Finally Solved In Batavia, New York

It is not unusual for retired police officers to be haunted by an unsolved case. Stories abound about former detectives who pour through cold cases in hopes of solving the one that got away. Sometimes they get lucky.

Former city of Batavia Police Chief Mark Robinson had such a case, a case he has solved after a mystery that began nearly 40 years ago. Ask Robinson and he wouldn’t say this case haunted him. Rather, it intrigued him. He was curious.

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12 September 2013

Gravestones Found In Canal In King's County, California

An eerie sight in King's County, California has many wondering... why are grave stones in a drainage canal? The Exeter District Cemetery replaced a number of headstones -- including one of a World War Two veteran.

It gave the old ones to the Kaweah Delta Conservation District.... which uses rocks and stones for erosion control in its canals. The stones were supposed to be ground but were instead thrown in whole.

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11 September 2013

Bruce Township, Michigan: Vandals Break As Many As 40 Headstones in a Cemetery Including Some For Veterans of the Civil War

Dozens of headstones have been destroyed at cemetery in Bruce Township and some of the headstones belong to veterans of the Civil War. “This cemetery has been destroyed. It’s completely destroyed,” said Richard Cory, the Bruce Township Supervisor.

You could hear the disbelief in his voice as he walked the Goodrich Cemetery and looked at the majority of the headstones desecrated. “I said 'oh my God, this is unbelievable. ' But then I started looking around and it’s the whole cemetery,” said Cory. Two weeks ago about 40 headstones were knocked over and destroyed.

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10 September 2013

Newcastle, Washington, Historical Cemetery To Be Restored, Preserved

The Newcastle Historical Society has received a grant to care for one of King County's oldest cemeteries. Newcastle Cemetery is two acres of history tucked away in a mesh of housing developments and commercial zoning.

More than a hundred years ago, Newcastle was a thriving coal mining town. During the 1880s, miners and pioneer families were buried in a picturesque cemetery near Lake Boren that has since been plagued by fire and vandals.

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28 August 2013

Pioneer Cemetery Is Clue To Cincinnati Founders

Cincinnati's earliest roots trace back to what is now a cemetery. Memorial Pioneer Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Hamilton County and the second oldest in Ohio, is hard to find even if you're looking for it. It's tucked away, small sign and all, across from Lunken Airport.

That's where Cincinnati Park Board naturalist Michael George is waiting. George walks up a steep set of steps to get to the graves. "This mound is not natural here. This is an old Native American earthen embankment that we're standing on here.

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31 July 2013

Remains of An Estimated 3,000 African-Americans Buried Beneath Philadelphia Playground

This week, a team of archaeologists broke the asphalt in four places at Weccecoe Park, digging to a depth of 3 feet to uncover evidence of the 19th century burial site. On Thursday morning, the fourth and final trench revealed a single gravestone.

"Amelia Brown, 1819, Aged 26 years" is clearly carved into the white stone, with this epitaph: "Whosoever live and believeth in me, though we be dead, yet shall we live."

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30 July 2013

Coffin at King Richard III Site Holds...Another Coffin

King Richard III's rediscovered resting place is turning out more mysteries this summer. Excavators finally lifted the heavy lid of a medieval stone coffin found at the site in Leicester, England, only to reveal another lead coffin inside.

The "coffin-within-a-coffin" is thought to have been sealed in the 13th or 14th century — more than 100 years before Richard, an infamous English king slain in battle, received his hasty burial in 1485.

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26 July 2013

Grave Finally Identified of First World War Soldier From Earlsfield, England

A soldier’s war grave has been identified 95 years after he went missing in action. Company Sergeant Major Andrew Gale, 41, of Quinton Street, Earlsfield, is believed to have died at a casualty clearing station near Ypres, Belgium, on September 28, 1918, just weeks before armistice was signed ending the bloody conflict. He left behind his wife Olivia and five children.

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