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26 November 2014

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Build Your Family Tree for iPhone and iPad 7.00 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Minor bug fixes.
• Link to parents by name instead of by ID Number.

StoryPress for iPhone and iPad 3.2 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Bug fixes and memory optimizations.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2014 build 141125 (Family Books - Windows - Shareware)

• Fixed: Half-sibling relationships were not being counted as blood-relations which resulted in issues where reports were restricted to exclude marriage relationships.
• Fixed: The relationships for some marriages between relations were reported incorrectly.
• Improved: In Spanish reports, "Ver Nota xxx" is now narrated instead of "Nota xxx se aplica".

New Ulster Museum Exhibition Is Insight Into 500 Years of History in Northern Ireland

Ulster's fascinating past is on display in a major new exhibition at the Ulster Museum, showcasing 500 years of history.

Almost 400 objects have now been put on show at the Belfast museum, some 150 of which have not previously been on display. The exhibit, Modern History, is arranged around particular events and themes and tells the story of the historic province of Ulster from 1500 to 1968.

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How England’s 1% Remained the Same Since 1066

If your surname reveals that you descended from the “in” crowd in the England of 1066—the Norman Conquerors—then even now you are more likely than the average Brit to be upper class.

To a surprising degree, the social status of your ancestors many generations in the past still exerts an influence on your life chances, say Gregory Clark of the University of California, Davis, and Neil Cummins of the London School of Economics.

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National Archive Show Launched in New Taipei City, Taiwan

An exhibition of national archives kicked off Nov. 25 in New Taipei City as part of government efforts raising public awareness of the Republic of China’s storied past.

“Archives serve as key indicators of a country’s history,” National Development Council Minister Kuan Chung-ming said at the launch ceremony. “Such an event aims to enhance understanding of government operations and landmark developments.”

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Library and Archives Canada Struggling With Backlog of Material

Auditor general says Library and Archives Canada has a backlog of approximately 98,000 boxes of unsorted files, including 24,000 boxes of military records.

Library and Archives Canada say they scrapped a $15.4 million digital archive system because it would have been “too costly” to run. The archival department spent five years and over $15 million to develop its own “trusted digital repository” — a system for storing and preserving digital records — before shuttering the system in 2012.

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25 November 2014

The New Geneanet Website Will Be Formally Launched on December 1, 2014

As of December 1, 2014, find the new Geneanet website at

The old website will be discontinued and the address will not be available anymore.

This new version will help us to develop new, simple and effective services and options, and to help you grow your family tree.

IMPORTANT: Geneanet will be down for maintenance on December 1, 2014 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (Paris, France, Time Zone)


Discovered Unmarked Tombstone Along the Minnesota River Unearths a Mystery

The identity of a 24-year-old female whose resting place had been marked by a now over century old tombstone that was recently unearthed along the Minnesota River remains a mystery despite the best efforts of resident history buffs.

On Friday, October 10, a pair of those buffs, Barb and Paul Benson, received a phone call about the find from an Xcel employee who contacted the Benson’s after finding Barb’s name on the Granite Falls Historical Society website.

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A Belfast Soldier Secretly Photographed World War I

When Belfast photographer George Hackney was called to fight in World War I in October of 1915, he brought his camera with him. He defied his chiefs and risked facing court martial to document life on the front line.

His incredible collection is a testimony to life behind the scenes in a war that saw over 37 million soldiers killed – where the men laugh, write letters home, huddle for warmth and read the newspaper.

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24 November 2014

WWII Mementos Found in Suitcase at Thrift Store

Relics of a soldier's past are now back with his family after ending up at a thrift store.

Brenda Monson, a history teacher at West Lake Junior High School, bought the old, locked suitcase at a Deseret Industries store over the summer. She recently shared the contents of the suitcase with her students during a Veterans Day lesson.

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Upload Family Pictures To Your Geneanet Family Tree

If you have family pictures, you can upload them to your Geneanet family tree to make it more attractive. It's free and easy.

And you can kill two birds with one stone by uploading your family pictures to your Geneanet family tree as that will also backup your files!

So, it's now time to get that shoebox filled with old family pictures and to turn them into digital files...

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23 November 2014

Are You Related to Miley Cyrus?

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, to Letitia Jean "Tish" Finley Cyrus and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

She grew up on a 500-acre (2.0 km2) farm in Franklin. Her name was derived from her parents' belief that she would accomplish great things, and she was given the nickname "Smiley", later shortened to "Miley", because she often smiled as an infant.

Miley Cyrus' Family Tree

21 November 2014

Welsh Songwriter Gruff Rhys Follows Ancestor's 18th Century Trek to America for Documentary

The final scenes of Gruff Rhys’s documentary, American Interior, are of a joyful New Orleans-styled funeral march in the mountains near Waunfawr in Wales.

Shot in beautiful black and white, the scene shows a guitar-slinging Rhys in an elaborate Davy Crockett-styled wolf-themed head covering, followed by a brass band and child singers.

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Texas Land Office Preserves History with Digital Maps

The General Land Office of Texas has made a collection of rare Texas maps available to the general public through a unique digitization process.

High-quality digital reprints of the collection donated by Houston map collectors Frank and Carol Holcomb are now available for as little as $20 each. All proceeds from the sales will go to Save Texas History, a public-private effort to preserve and digitize historic maps and documents.

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20 November 2014

Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Arlington National Cemetery Explorer for iPhone and iPad 2.1.0 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Improvements to walking directions.
• View a grave by tapping it on the map.
• Updates to support iOS8.
• Bug Fixes.

Family Get-To-Gether for Android 1.3.1 (Mobile - Purchase)

• New search button for the members list, and new options button for relevant list items.
• New on-screen search button added for the members list.
• New options button added for list items in 'My Families', 'Members', 'Log' pages to open the context menu (also via a long-click).
• Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

GEDexplorer for Android 1.12 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Now preserves line breaks in notes (if the "CONT" tag was used in the GEDCOM file).
• Added support for persons with more than one name.
• Added support for multiple birth/death events (useful if sources are ambiguous).
• Fixed a bug that could cause a crash while reading a file.

HuMo-gen 5.0.8 (Web Publishing - Windows - Freeware)

• Added new editing and GEDCOM export features.

StoryCatcher Pro for iPhone and iPad 1.3 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding images and/or quotes to videos recorded inside the app.

StoryPress for iPhone and iPad 3.1 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Network connectivity optimizations.
• Bug fixes.
• Faster loading of stories.

Website Launched To Remember Welsh World War One Heroes

Around 100 people gathered in Ebbw Vale for the official launch of the Blaenau Gwent remembers website.

The site, set up by Blaenau Gwent AM Alun Davies, aims to commemorate those from the borough who served during World War One. The site includes details of family history, documents, letters and photographs of local people, as well as details of war memorials and war graves and newspaper cuttings from the time.

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